Potty Training Time

It’s potty training time…..now what? Dr. Potty understands the challenges of potty training your child. Diapers are sometimes a hassle but they sure are easier than potty training. Now that you’ve decided the time has come to potty train we’d like to help you as much as possible. Take a look at the following potty training recommendations to help you move down the potty training success path:

    Parents: Get in the right frame of mind
    Get your child excited (Training Tips and DVDs)
    Teach by example (make sure your child knows when you use the potty)
    Be patient….then be patient some more.
    Use Potty Training dvds to motivate your child to use the potty
    Use rewards like stickers, toys, candy and potty training charts

Potty Training Combo Kit

Potty Training KitWe proudly offer our very own Potty Training Kit which includes everything but the toilet….and the child….and the patience. It’s the perfect package for anyone getting ready for potty training. With everything else going in life, we’ve decided to simplify. Our Potty Training Combo Kit is designed to make sure you get everything we recommend for one low price. Dr. Potty’s Potty Training Kit includes: Potty Power for boys and girls (dvd), I Can Go Potty (dvd), I Gotta Go! (dvd), Potty Training Your Baby (book) and Free Shipping!

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DrPotty is proud to offer fun, informative and helpful products for children and their parents. Potty training is never easy but with love and patience, things always workout. Good luck. Here are some popular options for rewards after potty training including truck dvds, stickers or books (almost anything will work).